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Meet Our Staff

  • Dealership Contacts (970) 422-4958
    • Ray Sima Photo
      Ray Sima
      General Sales Manager
    • Aaron Arnold Photo
      Aaron Arnold
      Sales Consultant
    • Dean Schmidt Photo
      Dean Schmidt
      Sales Consultant
    • Herman Todeschi Photo
      Herman Todeschi
      Sales Consultant
    • John Sweeney Photo
      John Sweeney
      Sales Consultant
    • Larry Phelps Photo
      Larry Phelps
      Sales Consultant
    • Lyndell Chee Photo
      Lyndell Chee
      Sales Consultant
    • Matt Blanchard Photo
      Matt Blanchard
      Sales Consultant
    • Tyler Miller Photo
      Tyler Miller
      Sales Consultant
    • Doug Thomas Photo
      Doug Thomas
    • Mathew  Ferguson Photo
      Mathew  Ferguson
    • Jonathan Griego Photo
      Jonathan Griego
  • Service (970) 422-4956
    • Pat McLaughlin Photo
      Pat McLaughlin
      Service Manager